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"The temperature's rising, the weather is hot,
The skies are all clear, kids are smiling alot.
June is finally here & Summer is close,
This is the time, we love Florida the most!!!"

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A&A Catalog

Many customers like to have our Catalog handy. Whether to have an on-hand reference of our products,
or to share with their associates. The Webstore now has a virtual catalog displayed on the site. You can flip through the pages online, or download & print out the catalog for your own records. Make sure to log in before  accessing the catalog so that it displays your current pricing.
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A&A Supply Webstore Update Info

While many of you know of the new, upgraded A&A Supply Webstore, many don't know of the new features installed or the ones we have on the way. Here are a couple features available to you now at 
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A&A Fun!

While our priority is to work hard to keep our customers happy & successful, we also like to have fun in our downtime. What we would like to do is share some of our "time-passing" games & ideas with you. Check out the A&A Blog, to find our "Just for Fun" category, where we will begin displaying puzzles & ideas for you to download, print & enjoy. 

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